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a personal Guide for women
to your style in the stars


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"I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me with all those years of research!"

Dinah S wrote "Just an email to let you know how much fun Iím having with my Astro Fashion Profile. Last weekend there was a storm and rain outside but I had a great time Ďshoppingí in my own cupboard, itís all there!

Iím making some new combinations with the colours and styles and feeling Ab Fab. Made a little wish list of things to add but itís unbelievable how small the wish list is for I already own everything on my profile. (For instance: I never had something in shimmery white/silver but thought to try it in an ear stud or nail polish) Itís also nice to memorize things that Iíve worn to thread in the past and now knowing why!

My confidence had a rocket boost and Iím just enjoying all the aspects of my personality and a huge feeling of relief, itís so much more than just clothes. Well, Itís 7.30 AM and time to get dressed and loving it. Thank you so much!"


From the Daily Mail :-

It sounds bonkers but is the secret of stylish dressing written in your stars?
If your star sign can affect you personality, should it influence the clothes you choose as well?
YES, says astrologer and fashion consultant PAT HARRIS. Click here for the full story!

The Astro Fashion Profile aims to guide you in the creation of your personal professional and romantic images.

The Profile seeks to reveal your innermost fantasies about your image - ideas you would probably never admit to yourself until you had read your profile.

It provides you with hints on how to create a style that helps you feel relaxed, motivate the response you seek from other people, and helps you to cultivate the mood and attitude you want for any situation.

The Profile includes a colour print out of your personal birth chart.

Order your own personal Astro Fashion Profile here

Visit Pat Harris's website on Astrology and Fertility - 'Can Astrology bring you a baby?' at www.astrologyfertility.com